Unequal Education Revisited

In 1992, EVC’s youth team produced Unequal Education for national PBS Series, “Listening to America with Bill Moyers.” Their film revealed the stark contrast in resources and opportunities offered to students in two Bronx middle schools – one in a middle-class area and one in a low-income community – in the same district. More than twenty years later, the crew reunited to produce Unequal Education Revisited, bearing witness to the long-term impact that inequities plaguing our society- in education, justice, and healthcare — have on those struggling to survive.

Following its release, EVC screened Unequal Education Revisited at the Media and Social Change Lab at Teachers College, Columbia University. Video interviews with Maxine Greene, Deborah Meier, Pedro Noguera, and Norm Fruchter were also shown to open discussion with the audience. Please click on the interviewees’ names to view their video interviews.


Pedro Noguera

Pedro Noguera is Distinguished Professor of Education, in the UCLA Department of Education, and was a member of the SUNY Board of Trustees.

Deborah Meier

Founder of Central Park East School in East Harlem and the Mission Hill School in Boston,
author of The Power of Their Ideas, Deborah Meier has spent more than four decades in
public education and is considered the founder of the modern small schools movement. 

Norm Fruchter

Long-time education reform activist, author, and filmmaker, Norm Fruchter is Principal Associate
at the Annenberg Institute for School Reform’s Community Organizing and Engagement division
and appointed by the Mayor as member of the NYC Panel for Educational Policy. 

Maxine Greene

Described by the NY Times as “one of the most important education philosophers of the past 50 years”,
Maxine Greene was an author, activist and professor at Teachers College who inspired thousands of educators to
teach the arts, critical inquiry, and social imagination. Sadly, she passed away less than three weeks after this interview.