Teaching Youth Media


Teaching Youth Media
A Critical Guide to Literacy, Video Production & Social Change

By Steven Goodman. Published by Teachers College Press.


“This is a brilliant and exciting book. It may transform some corners of the world.” — Maxine Greene


Drawing on his twenty years of experience working with youth at EVC in New York City, Steven Goodman explores the power of using media education to help young people develop their critical thinking and literacy skills.


Teaching Youth Media…

DESCRIBES the changes schools and after-school programs need to make in order to create a media education that empowers students to change their world.

FEATURES case studies of students and teachers engaged in making video documentaries at EVC and in an alternative high school.

EXPLORES the critical thinking and technical video arts skills students develop as they learn to collaboratively conduct interviews, research, shoot, log and edit documentaries.

LOOKS AT the profound “disconnect” that results when teachers and curriculum fail to recognize the social and culture contexts in which urban students live.