Crack Clouds Over Hell’s Kitchen


EVC students visit a park in New York City’s infamous “Hell’s Kitchen” neighborhood to interview crack addicts caught in a vicious cycle of addition and crime. Often chilling in its candor, this program is a compelling portrait of life on the city streets.


Laurel_Awards (1)
Project 6 Awards, High School Programs, 1st Place, 1998
JVC Tokyo Video Festival, Special Merit, 1998
38th Annual International CINDY Competition, Silver CINDY, 1998
National Educational Film and Video Festival, Gold Apple, 1998
Birmingham International Education Film Festival, Best Health and Physical Education Video, 1998
Athens International Film & Video Festival, Winner in Documentary, 1989
London International Amateur Film Festival, Silver Seal Award, 1989


A film produced by high school students who participated in EVC’s Youth Documentary Workshop, 1988.

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