Aids: Facts Over Fear


A topic of urgent concern to young people today is the AIDS epidemic. Student producers demystify the topic through candid interviews with their peers, former Surgeon General Koop and a specialist in adolescent health from the Bronx. The result is an informative, straightforward presentation of the facts about AIDS transmission without prudishness or judgement.


Laurel_Awards (1)
San Antonio Cine Fest, Emerging Artist Award, 1989
Canadian International Film & Video Festival, Two Stars Award, 1989
National Educational Film and Video Festival, Silver Apple Award, 1990
London International Amateur Film & Video, Gold Seal Award, 1990
Suffolk County Film & Video Festival, 1st Prize Student Documentary, 1990


A film produced by high school students who participated in EVC’s Youth Documentary Workshop, 1989.

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Institutions & Libraries: $125.00, Community Nonprofits & K-12: $50.00