2371 Second Ave: An East Harlem Story


Millie Reyes leads her family and neighbors to confront their landlord with a petition against numerous housing violations and unhealthy living conditions. This video speaks to the poverty and urban neglect of inner city neighborhoods across the country, portraying how the same problems exist today that these youth producers were fronting in 1986.


Laurel_Awards (1)
JVC Tokyo Video Festival, Presidents Award, 1987
National Educational Film and Video Festival, Bronze Apple, 1987
U.S. Student Film & Video Festival, Outstanding Achievement, 1987
Hometown USA Video Festival, Winner of Student Category, 1987
London International Amateur Film & Video, Gold Seal Award, 1988


A film produced by high school students who participated in EVC’s Youth Documentary Workshop, 1985.

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Institutions & Libraries: $125.00, Community Nonprofits & K-12: $50.00