Quaranteens: An Interactive Virtual Space by YDW

Quaranteens: An Interactive Virtual Space by YDW

 Our Youth Documentary Workshop students created Quaranteens,, an interactive virtual-space, to document their personal experiences living through this pandemic, and explore the social and political impacts that COVID-19 has had on teenagers during the crisis. Here, students are sharing personal videos, photos and articles to explore how the Coronavirus, New York on Pause, and the closure of our schools are affecting them. Below are some powerful examples of their work.

Youth Producer Laye interviews his Uber-driver father in a moving discussion about how COVID-19 has impacted their family.


Youth Producer Ashlee makes an artistic plea for social distancing to be over.









Youth Producer Khalil speaks about the city’s decision to cancel the Summer Youth Employment Program, which provides jobs to city youth in need during the summer and discusses additional services he thinks the NYC could be improving for youth in precarious situations.


Visit the website for more powerful  stories. 

EVC’s youth welcomes all youth to submit and share their experiences and thoughts surrounding COVID-19 here! Your voices matter!