Your Contribution Supports...

Your donation of $50 enables a Doc Workshop class to complete an afternoon shoot.

Your donation of $100 allows one EVC Graduate to screen their film.

Your donation of $170 can help us acquire a 2TB hard drive that students use to store immense amounts of film footage.

Your donation of $200 can provide one wireless mic used by students to record and produce their documentaries.

Your donation of $250 helps to create a viewer guide for EVC documentaries.

Your donation of $500 allows one teacher a complete training in EVC’s methodology.

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Your donation of $750 supports EVC students visiting a college outside of NYC.

Your donation of $1200 can provide one iMac, allowing students to digitally edit their videos.

Your donation of $1800 can provide one HD video camera, which gears students with the necessary device to tell their stories.

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Other Amounts

For donations of all other sizes, or questions you may have, please click here or email